Stress is hurting your business. And here’s what to do about it.

Is stress hurting your business? One in three Aussie employees report that work is damaging their wellbeing, and more than 75% experience regular stress on the job. Stressed out workers = less happiness, less engagement and less productivity.

Employees rate themselves as 50% happier when they are engaged, feel they are achieving goals and have a sense of belonging. Another huge happiness factor? The ability to ‘switch off’– it reduces anxiety by almost 30%.

Employees suffering from high stress levels have lower engagement, are less productive and have higher absenteeism levels.
— Forbes

Wellbeing programs are effective, not just because they improve overall health, but because employees who feel their workplace cares about their wellbeing are 46% happier! With a smorgasbord of options – from team-building days, to personal trainers, team sports and nutrition workshops – it’s hard to prioritise where the wellness dollars should go.

The challenge: how do we reduce stress and improve employee wellbeing in a way that is inclusive, cost effective and quick?

Let’s get technical for a moment: one of the biggest factors affecting our stress levels is our heart rate variability (HRV). When we are under pressure, our HRV goes haywire. The result? We fumble, make mistakes and lose our ability to problem solve.

Through the movement, breath and relaxation techniques of yoga, we can literally even out our heart rate, which makes us more insightful, perceptive and clear thinking. Focusing on our body and breath drops us out of the noise in our head. This kind of focus creates a more positive, ‘switched on’ state of mind.

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Information in this article about the effects of yoga on heart rate variability and focus is based on the research of neuroscientist Dr Alan Watkins. Watch his fascinating TED Talk here.

Statistics on Australian workplace stress is based on the research of Workscore: